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Abstract Jazz Journey: Mixed & Selected by Kyoto Jazz Massive

April 2, 2014 in Aaron Ross, Bah Samba, Barbara Tucker, Blaze, Carolyn Harding, Cookie Monsterz, diephuis, Ezel, Fanatix, Groove Assassin, Han Litz, Jennifer Morrison, Josh Milan, Kenny Bobien, Kerri Chandler, KT Brooks, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Lady Alma Project, Michelle Weeks, Namy, Neil Pierce, Reelsoul, Richard Earnshaw, Roland Clark, Sean McCabe, Steal Vybe, Stephanie Cooke, Terry Hunter, Troyetta Knox, UDAUFL, Ultra Nate, Urban Soul

Title: Abstract Jazz Journey: Mixed & Selected by Kyoto Jazz Massive
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: March 31, 2014
Label: Nite Grooves
Cat#: KSD 249

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The Hype:

Okino brothers Shuya & Yoshihiro, started out as DJs in the 80′s, then began producing in the 90′s and in the early 2000′s their careers took off when hailed by noted DJ & renowned BBC Radio 1 on-air personality Giles Peterson. Meet Kyoto Jazz Massive. They’ve seen works signed to Composte, Yellow Productions, Toshiba EMI, and many others, with over 84 remixes under their belt, appearing on over 64 compilations, and lending their name to even more production credits. For Nite Groves they were most known for their exceptionally eccentric and esoteric remix of Ananda Project‘s “Bahia” 10″ single off their acclaimed Morning Light album. Here they come back to King Street / Nite Grooves and show a deeper side on the latest Abstract Jazz Journey compilation. Jazzy House Master Rainer Truby (of Truby Trio) compiled and mixed the first one back in 2005 and we felt it was time to bring it back to feature some more great talent, namely KJM. Eighteen House-based songs with sprinkles of Jazz, Afro, Latin and Deep flavors are all thrown in the mix. It starts off with a beautiful exclusive version of Lady Alma Project‘s “Dreams,” and the lovely melodies don’t stop. It continues on with tunes like their own Shuya Okino feat. N’Dea Davenport‘s “Look Ahead” (Kyoto Jazz Massive Recreated Mix), Bah Samba feat. Anna Cavazos‘ “Lost Without  You,” Namy feat. Josh MilanFrom Now On,” Groove AssassinAfrik Bounce,” Kerri Chandler feat. Jennifer MorrisonLet Him In,” and many more. It also includes the Terry Hunter Bang Jazz Main Mix of the recent  Top 10 Billboard Club Hit Namy & Barbara TuckerI Can’t Wait.” All of these and more are here for you to get your mixed bag of grooves on.  Buy the whole comp and get the 76+ minute continuous mix as a free bonus!

Soulful House Journey: Mixed & Selected by Reelsoul

January 15, 2014 in Ananda Project, Blaze, Carolyn Harding, Chris Brann, Cookie Monsterz, Dawn Tallman, Dennis Ferrer, dj spen, Fabio Aurea, Frankie Feliciano, Groovebox, Joi Cardwell, Jovonn, Kerri Chandler, Kimara Lovelace, King Street Sounds, Louie Vega, Lukez, Michelle Weeks, Monique Bingham, Mood II Swing, Mr.V, Prosix, Reelsoul, Roland Clark, Sean McCabe, Souldynamic, Stephanie Cooke, Studio Apartment, Sydney, The MuthaFunkaz, UDAUFL, Urban Soul, Yass

Title: Soulful House Journey: Mixed & Selected by Reelsoul
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: January 13, 2014
Label: King Street Sounds
Cat#: KSD 243

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The Hype:

Part of the beloved Sole Channel music camp, spearheaded by the renowned Mr. V, West Coast House producer William “Reelsoul” Rodriguez has already seen a fair share of remixes for us at King Street. From Kimara Lovelace‘s “How Much I Love You,” to Urban Soul‘s “Love Is So Nice” to Ananda Project‘s “A Second,” to jams like Stephanie Cooke‘s “It’s Like Nothing,” and Cookie Monsters ft Michelle Weeks‘ “Spread Love” and more, his mixes have all hit the global soulful dance floors with great appeal. He now brings some of his sweet flavor to the East Coast with his first full length mixed comp. Now fifth in line following past compilers Frankie Feliciano, Hector Romero, Groove Assassin and Sean McCabe, Reelsoul seamlessly blends over 2 dozen cuts to bring you the latest installment of Soulful House Journey. On it you’ll hear the above-mentioned Bonus Cuts and deep-in-the-well tunes like Groove Box‘s “The More You Want,” Mood II Swing feat. Carol SylvanCloser,” LY‘s “Back 2 Zanzibar,” and Kimara Lovelace‘s “Misery,” to the more recent Prosix‘s “My Deep Dream,”Yass & Fabio Aurea‘s “Popovka Morning,” Sydney & Lukez‘s “The Only Thing We Are” and others. He caresses the hearing with melodic peaks and rhythmic valleys far and near on this deep and soulful 80 minute journey. Of course it wouldn’t be a King St comp if it didn’t include a track by Kerri Chandler, Dennis Ferrer, Blaze & Joi Cardwell, or Studio Apt ft Monique Bingham, but he does his due soulful diligence to include them all here. Mr Reelsoul weaves all of these eras and styles into his rich musical tapestry with ease, keeping an even flow and a beautiful energy throughout. Strap yourselves in but not too tight; You’ll need some room to wiggle.

Divas On King Street (20 Years Essentials)

June 6, 2013 in Abel Ramos, Aki Bergen, Alessandro Bacci, Alex Kenji, Ananda Project, Barbara Tucker, Blaze, Carol Sylvan, Carolyn Harding, Chris Brann, Cookie Monsterz, Danny Tenaglia, Dennis Ferrer, Dimitri, Divas of Color, DJ Pierre, dj spen, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Franky Rizardo, Fred Everything, Gaelle Adisson, Graham Lord, Jackie Cohen, Jamico, Joi Cardwell, Kenny Dope, Kerri Chandler, Kimara Lovelace, King Street Sounds, linda clifford, Matteo Marini, Michelle Weeks, Monique Bingham, Mood II Swing, Oliver Desmet, Orienta Rhythm, P'Taah, Richard Earnshaw, Rudi Silva, Sean McCabe, Stefano Noferini, Stephanie Cooke, Studio Apartment, The MuthaFunkaz, Tiombe Lockhart, Treasa "Diva" Fennie, Tuccillo, UDAUFL, Ultra Nate, URH

Title: Divas On King Street (20 Years Essentials)
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: June 3, 2013
Label: King Street Sounds
Cat#: KSD 222

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The Hype:

Contemporary and legendary female vocalists alike have graced this commemorative 20 Years Essentials edition of Divas on King Street. Just the very mention of their names bring glory and glamour into the spotlight. Legendary female House Music singers like Barbara Tucker, Michelle Weeks, Kimara Lovelace, Linda Clifford, Ultra Nate, Dawn Tallman, Stephanie Cooke, and their contemporary counterparts Monique Bingham, Tiombe Lockhart, Gaelle Adisson, Heather Johnson, and others have at one point or another raised hands and spirits on some of the world’s best dance floors with their songs. Coupled with their respective world-renowned producers Dennis Ferrer, Kerri Chandler, Kenny Dope, Chris Brann, Ralphi Rosario, Blaze, Mood II Swing, Sean McCabe and more, they provide a variety of rhythms, loops and melodies that span two decades of productions. Revamped back catalog songs like “When Can Our Love Begin” (Richard Earnshaw Remix), “Party Girl” (Abel Ramos Havre de Grace With Love Mix), “I Hear The Music” (Aki Bergen Dub-O-Matic Mix), “Closer” (Fred Everything & Oliver Desmet Remix) to  “Be Yourself” (Agora Rhythm Mysterious Vox) and “Dance Until We Die” (Kenny Dope Remix) make this 20-piece set an indispensable collection for many House Music lovers.

Valentine’s Day Collection (20 Years Essentials) 2013

February 7, 2013 in Abel Ramos, Alex Kenji, Alex Roque, Ananda Project, Arnold Jarvis, Barbara Tucker, Blaze, Cookie Monsterz, Danny Clark, DJ Pierre, DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul, FCKS, Gianluca Peruzzi, Heather Johnson, Jackie Cohen, Jamico, Joey Negro, Joi Cardwell, Kimara Lovelace, King Street Sounds, Kiva, Leon Cormack, Lisa Rudolph, Louie Gorbea, Manchildblack, Marcelo Vak, Michelle Weeks, Mondo Grosso, Mood II Swing, Orienta Rhythm, Queen Mary, Rasmus Faber, Reelsoul, Ron Carroll, Rurals, Satoshi Tomiie, Stephanie Cooke, Studio Apartment, Terrance Downs, Timmy Vegas & the Universe Band, Tomo Inoue, Tuccillo

Title: Valentine’s Day Collection (20 Years Essentials) 2013
Artist: Various Artists
Release Date: January 28, 2013
Label: King Street Sounds
Cat#: KSD 212

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The Hype:

Love & Music are forms of addiction that no drug in existence could ever replace. Put them together and you have the makings of a beautiful compilation. Throw in some House beats and you have the latest Valentine’s Day Collection: King St Sounds Essentials for 2013. The third installment in the series, songs were hand-picked with the utmost care, in varying stages of energy from the sweet and sentimental “Washes Over Me” (Rasmus Faber Epic Vocal Mix), “Sweetest Thing” (Tomo Inoue King Street Remix) and “Kiss Kiss Kiss” (Alternate Mix Re-Edit) by Heather Johnson (Ananda Project), to the more upbeat feel-good tunes like  DJ Pierre‘s “Good Luv” (Wild Pitch Vocal), Orienta-Rhythm feat. Joi Cardwell‘s “Happy,” and Studio Apartment feat. Ron Carroll “I’m In Love” to darker, more frenzied feel of “R U Feeling Me” (Alex Kenji Main) by Chris Perez & Louie Gorbea feat. Ms. Patty and so many more. Twenty songs in all are presented to represent the  label’s twenty-year history, and they make for one long & romantic journey.

Luxury Space Mixed by Tomo Inoue

January 25, 2013 in Alex Ander, Chris Brann, Cookie Monsterz, Deep Grounder, diephuis, Directors Cut, DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul, DJ Vivona, Dominic Dawson, Doomwork, Eric Kupper, Eric Powa B., Frankie Knuckles, Han Litz, Heather Johnson, Joi Cardwell, Jose Carretas, Kruse and Nuernberg, Lisa Shaw, Michelle Weeks, Nite Grooves, P'Taah, Reelsoul, Silver City, Solo UK, Soneec, Stephanie Cooke, Supernova, Terrance Downs, Tiombe Lockhart, Tomo Inoue, Virag

Title: Luxury Space
Artist: Tomo Inoue
Release Date: January 7, 2013
Label: Nite Grooves
Cat#: KSD 210

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The Hype:

Japanese producer Tomo Inoue is back on King Street & spins some sweet sounds on his latest comp, Luxury Space. Known for his numerous mixes and contributions to the label, he picks 19 smashing tunes meticulously picked from the catalog and smoothly blended together for one deep, soulful and tech house-y journey. Renowned tunes like the Alix Alvarez New Vox Mix of Heather Johnson “Million Miles,” A Directors Cut Treatment of DJ Vivona & Joi Cardwell’s “Return To Love,” From P60 with Lisa Shaw’s “Magic,” Soneec’s Remix of Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien “Brighter Days,” and his own King Street Mix of Tomo Inoue feat. Stephanie Cooke’s “Better” are put against more underground flavors of Cerux’s “This Is,” Franco De Mulero’s “Porroig,” and Eric Powa B’s “Cafe Mambo.” These and many, many more make for a well-rounded and booty bumpin’ collection, and needless to say, they all sound great together. Buy the comp and get the full-length mix!

Beautiful (LP)

April 2, 2012 in Cookie Monsterz, Eric Kupper, Ezel, Frankie Feliciano, Josh Collins, King Street Sounds, Mood II Swing, Orienta Rhythm, Romanthony, Sean McCabe, Sir Piers, Soul Dhamma, Stephanie Cooke, Tomo Inoue

Title: Beautiful
Artist: Stephanie Cooke
Release Date: April 2, 2012
Label: King Street Sounds
Cat#: KSD 189

Available now on iTunes

The Hype: House Music Singer / Songwriter / Producer Stephanie Cooke has been on King Street Sounds’ artist roster since her debut single in September of 1995. In 2004, we released her debut full-length album “Everything” that was critically acclaimed receiving rave reviews by press, djs and tastemakers alike.  Since then she’s collaborated with even more top producers in the game releasing such gems as “Beautiful Life,” (Jose Carretas Remix), “Sweetest Thing,” (Ezel Remix), “Just A Little Bit,” (Sean McCabe Remix), “Better” (Tomo Remix), “Excuses” (Groove Assassins Dub), and “Thinking I’m Beautiful” (Sean McCabe Remix). This new album opens the musical floodgates and down rains Stephanie in all her glory. Some brand new unreleased cuts with collabs such as “Sunshine” with Soul Dhamma and remixed by Cookie Monsterz, self-produced “It’s Like Nothing” remixed by Reelsoul  and more.  Included on this digital LP are also classic hits like “Rain” remixed by Soul Dhamma, Jay-J,  and Romanthony. Other soulful jams like “Alright” remixed by Sir Piers, “Holding Onto Your Love” (Frankie Feliciano Remix, Big Moses Instrumental & Mood II Swing Dub), “Everything” remixed by Orienta-Rhythm, “One True Love” and “Don’t Take Your Love Away” both remixed by the legendary Eric Kupper, and “I Never Told You (You Could Stay),” remixed by Josh Collins, and many more.  With a full 17 cuts including remixes by the most notable names in soulful House music, Stephanie Cooke’s new follow up album, Beautiful is simply that.

Stephanie Cooke – It’s Like Nothing / Sunshine

January 17, 2012 in Cookie Monsterz, King Street Sounds, Reelsoul, Soul Dhamma, Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke - It's Like Nothing / SunshinePromo Release: January 16, 2012
Label: King Street Sounds
Cat#: KSS 1357

The Hype: Stephanie Cooke is back to heal your soul with her god given voice..Her new EP is a box of her vocal house gems includes remixes by Reelsoul, Cookie Monsterz, and Soul Dhamma. Reelsoul’s remix of “It’s Like Nothing” is a beautifully soothing mix that brings warmth to your heart. Cookie Monsterz remix of “Sunshine” adds more bounce to the groove yet nostalgic with the spacy and heavenly riffs. Soul Dhamma’s deep flavor on “Sunshine,” complimented with its classy piano chords and intermittent orchestral sounds. This release is the one to caress your spirit and put you into a sea of soulful pleasure.

Now available exclusively on Traxsource

Stephanie Cooke – It’s Like Nothing (Reelsoul Remix) by kingstreetsounds

Stephanie Cooke – Sunshine (Cookie Monsterz Remix) by kingstreetsounds